Animal production

We are focused on breeding Hereford cattle.

Hereford cattle is middle large meat breed from England. Hereford cattle is middle large meat breed from England.
It is one of the oldest and widest spread meat breed. Hereford cattle is the oldest foreign breed bred in The Czech Republic, the first import was done in 1974.
Hereford cattle is bred in two variations – with horns or without.

Herefordky - býk

This breed is widely spread through the continents because of its flexibility in various climatic conditions. The main benefits of this breed are its toughness, endurance,
hardiness and physical shape.


Herefordky - kráva

These benefits are the main reasons for extensive type of breeding.
Hereford cattle is bred at most in the mountains in the Czech Republic. In the lower parts of Czech countryside the natural breeding with one bull in the herd is typical and more profitable.
Hereford cattle has really calm nature and that’s why manipulation with cattle is usually easy. Extensive type of breeding is not dangerous with Hereford cattle.


Typical sings of breed

This breed is usually brown coloured (lighter or darker tones). Typical sign of this breed is white coat at the head, back, bottom and lower part of legs.


Origin of our herd

We started in 1995 when we bought embryos from company Ligra, a.s. We bred 4 full-blooded heifers after that. Fathers – HRF 177 and HRF 175, mother 69 163 – 309.

We have 1/3 of herd composed with full-blooded animal nowadays. The rest of herd are high quality crossbreeds which are used for crossbreeding conversion though the insemination.

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