Crop production


Our farm uses 322 hectares of arable land and meadows. Majority of used land is meadows.


Arable land

We grow cereals (triticale, oat, spring rye) and mixtures.

At most we use straw (from triticale and oat) for feeding our cattle.

We grow potatoes only for our own purposes (area of 0,5 hectare).

For growing agricultural plants we use 21 hectares of land.


Permanent grassland

We do renewal of permanent grassland. We renew 25 hectares every year.

We use given cereals for renewal of grassland.


Sowing machine

Our farm is equipped with special sowing machine produced by Agrisem. Sowing machine DS 1400 Gold uses sowing technology with overlay.

Setting of sowing depth is set by the amount of arable land covered by seeds.

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